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Following the successful ratification by the ICC Banking Commission of the URBPO, ICC and Coastline Solutions have developed a new URBPO Online Training Course. .

The Course is designed to ensure proficiency in this area of trade finance work.

This online course allows you train your staff and customers in all aspects of the URBPO, from the basic concepts through to a full detailed analysis of the rules.

The course content is written by Gary Collyer, Senior Technical Adviser to the ICC Banking Commission, and Chair for the development of the rules in respect of the Bank Payment Obligations (URBPO).

The URBPO Online Training course contains 4 hours of online instruction and training on the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations (URBPO)

The course includes detailed treatment of all sections of the URBPO Rules including:

  • Background to the URBPO, what is a BPO and how it works?
  • The parties to a BPO and the benefits of using a BPO?
  • The scope and application of the URBPO
  • The definitions and terminology associated with the URBPO
  • Detailed analysis of the URBPO messaging structures


Module 1: URBPO Essentials

Lesson 1: Background to a BPO
This lesson provides an introduction to the URBPO, and presents an overview of a Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) and how it works. This lesson also introduces the parties to a BPO as well as the definitions, message types and terminology defined and used in the URBPO.

Lesson 2: Establishing a Baseline
This lesson examines the message flows between the parties involved in establishing a Baseline and also looks at how amendments are made to an Established Baseline.

Lesson 3: Data Set Submission
This lesson looks at a Data Set Submission and the corresponding messages that flow between the parties and the Transaction Matching Application.

Lesson 4: A BPO in Practice
This lesson looks at where the BPO fits with other trade finance products, the benefits that can be achieved by using a BPO, and the expected capital treatment of BPOs.

Module 2:  Assessment
On completion of the course the trainees undertake an Assessment to test their knowledge in the materials.

The training content is written by Gary Collyer, Senior Technical Adviser to the ICC Banking Commission

As the training is delivered online, each member of your staff can be trained to an ICC approved standard regardless of location. Every trainee receives an ‘ICC Certificate of Achievement’ on completion of the course indicating their personal results.

The training courses come complete with a Learning Management System so organisations can easily manage allocation of the training and keep track of trainees’ progress and results.

Value for money
With prices starting at €300 per trainee – and discounts for volume orders – the URBPO Online Training course is a very cost effective way to train your staff.

Discounts are offered for multiple orders as follows:

  • 1 to 9 trainees - €300 per trainee
  • 10 to 49 trainees - €250 per trainee
  • 50+ trainees - €200 per trainee

Special pricing!

You can alternatively purchase the full suite of 5 training courses in traditional trade products for €800
(a € 700 discount on the list price of purchasing the 5 courses)

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