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DC Master contains 12 hours of advanced online instruction and training in letter of credit practice.

DC Master It is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of experienced documentary credit professionals.

Trainees who complete DC Master qualify for 12 PDUs/CPDs towards recertification for the Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS) accreditation offered by BAFT and LIBF.

The course content is written by Gary Collyer, Technical Adviser to theICC banking Commission, and Chair of the UCP 600 Drafting Group.


Module 1: Case Studies Module
A series of interactive case studies covering areas of key importance including workability of terms and conditions in documentary credits and the correct issuance of refusal notices.

Module 2: Key Issues Module

An examination of areas of documentary credit practice that are commonly misapplied and misinterpreted, including::

  • Silent confirmation
  • Availability and expiry
  • Advance payment credits
  • Financing
  • Assignment of proceeds
  • Instalment drawings or shipments
  • Exclusions and Modifications
  • Revocable credits
  • Partial drawings or shipments
  • Originals and copies

Module 3: Variations of DCs Module
A detailed review of the function and operation of variations to commercial documentary credits:

  • Transferable credits
  • Back-to-back credits
  • Revolving and Reinstatement credits

Module 4:  Assessment
An advanced assessment covering key areas of UCP 600 and international standard banking practice.

The training content is written by Gary Collyer, Technical Adviser to the ICC Banking Commission, and Chair of the UCP 600 Drafting Group.

As the training is delivered online, each member of your staff can be trained to an ICC approved standard regardless of location. Every trainee receives an ‘ICC Certificate of Achievement’ on completion of a course indicating their personal results.

The training courses come complete with a Learning Management System so organisations can easily manage allocation of the training and keep track of trainees’ progress and results.

Value for money
With prices starting at €300 per trainee – and discounts for volume orders – DC Master is a very cost effective way to train your staff.

Discounts are offered for multiple orders as follows:

  • 1 to 9 trainees - €300 per trainee
  • 10 to 49 trainees - €250 per trainee
  • 50+ trainees - €200 per trainee

Special pricing!

You can alternatively purchase the full suite of 5 training courses in traditional trade products for €800
(a € 700 discount on the list price of purchasing the 5 courses)

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