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Online training in Trade Finance Compliance.

This online training course provides you with the technical knowledge required to succeed within the trade finance compliance landscape.

The course materials will:

  • Provide a detailed introduction to trade and trade products for professionals.
  • Identify the best practices for exercising due diligence in trade transactions.
  • Provide comprehensive steps in overcoming the common types of financial crimes that are facing financial institutions today.
  • Explain the indicators bankers need to be aware of in order to take proactive steps in preventing their financial institution from becoming a victim of financial crime or incurring a regulatory fine.
  • Discuss how financial institutions can identify and prevent the occurrence of money laundering, terrorism financing, bribery, commercial fraud and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The training is divided into 2 Modules:

Module 1: Trade Based Financial Crime Compliance

  • Lesson 01. An Introduction to Trade Based Financial Crime Compliance
  • Lesson 02. Trade
  • Lesson 03. Financial Crime Regulation
  • Lesson 04. The Compliance Programme
  • Lesson 05. Exercising Due Diligence
  • Lesson 06. Indicators of Trade Based Financial Crimes

Module 2: Combating Financial Crimes

  • Lesson 07. Anti money laundering
  • Lesson 08. Counter terrorism financing
  • Lesson 09. Sanctions
  • Lesson 10. Weapons of mass destruction
  • Lesson 11. Anti bribery
  • Lesson 12. Commercial fraud
  • Lesson 13. Anti boycott

This "Trade Based Financial Crimes" online training course has been developed in collaboration with compliance and trade experts from around the world. Truly International – designed to be relevant for staff worldwide.

As the training is delivered online, each member of your staff can be trained to an approved standard regardless of location.

The training courses come complete with a Learning Management System so organisations can easily manage allocation of the training and keep track of trainees' progress and results. Trainees have access to the course material for 1 year as a reference tool.

Professional Development
Gain 12 CPDs for CDCS recertification.

Value for money
Save time and money by taking the course online. With prices starting at €300 per trainee – and discounts for volume orders – TBFC Online is a very cost effective way to train your staff.

Discounts are offered for multiple orders as follows:

  • 1 to 9 trainees - €300 per trainee
  • 10 to 49 trainees - €250 per trainee
  • 50+ trainees - €200 per trainee

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"It is amazing how quickly a dispute over a discrepancy disappears when you can quote an Official ICC Opinion. So having all of the Opinions ever issued on UCP available to me on DC-PRO makes my life a lot easier."
Pavel Andrle, Documentary Payments Specialist, Czech Republic.
"A great reference tool for up to date info on letters of credit as well as help online in the discussion forums."
Judith Autié, Union de Banques Arabes et Françaises, Paris.
"Mentor is a wonderful training product to use from work or home."
Umar Farooq, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Pakistan.
"Mentor 600 makes understanding letters of credit easy and allows me to follow the progress of each member of my team."
Tom Richardson, Sr. Trade Regulatory Specialist, USA.
"Completing Mentor has increased her confidence and knowledge and work has become more professional as a result."
Trade Service Manager, USA.
"The best site to keep track of what is happening in the Letter of Credit world. I make very good use of it and encourage others to do the same."
Boris Kozolchyk, President of the National Law Center for Inter American Free Trade, USA
"I believe that DC-PRO is a must for any LC specialist or manager working with doc credits."
Ronald Katz, Former Policy Manager, ICC Banking Commission

"Comprehensive training in Collection practices and their treatment under URC 522 - a must have within your training collateral?"

Gary Collyer, Technical Adviser to ICC Banking Commission, United Kingdom

"I could not imagine my working life without this great 'invention'."

Edith Babuscio, BHF-Bank, Germany

"I can now find in 20 minutes information that used to take me a morning to find."
Karl Mayrl, Erste Bank, Austria.
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Don Smith, USA
"The best training available in Documentary Collections - complete with many practical examples and case studies."
Vincent O'Brien, Director EBSI, Ireland
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