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Trade Finance elements – Trade Compliance 2019


The sessions include top news stories and trends in trade finance compliance, de-risking and the impact on trade finance, Swift KYC registry: correspondent banks and corporates, regulation and the trade finance gap, Free trade zones: risks and implications for financial institutions, Oil 'ship to ship' transfers and the networks supporting them, How technology can help in the fight against financial crime, The impact of US and EU sanctions on trade finance activities: analyses of real case studies


The Professor James E. Byrne Memorial Keynote Address ( 60 Minutes )
  • Political risk, Trade and Trade Finance
  • International Security - Strategic Trade
Panel discussion: Top News Stories, Trends and Developments in trade finance compliance ( 45 Minutes )
  • KYC: Is the lack of consistency between regulators and practitioners a concern? Are banks doing too little or too much?
  • Is over reliance being placed on fintech screening solutions?
  • Wolfsberg Group Trade Finance Principles Update: guidance on open account and receivables techniques.
Regulation: De-risking and the impact on trade finance ( 20 Minutes )
  • The Impact of Compliance on Banking
  • De-risking
  • What the papers say …
  • The impact of de-risking
  • How to solve this problem?
SWIFT KYC registry: correspondent banks and corporates ( 20 Minutes )
  • Does the cost of Compliance results in "De-risking"?
  • KYC space and the KYC Registry
  • User Approved sharing of KYC data
  • The KYC Registry for Corporates
Risks to trade finance banks if underlying contracts come into force due to corruption ( 10 Minutes )
  • How do we do a compliance check?
  • ICC Working group on corruption
  • Real life example
  • What can you do?
Panel discussion: regulation and the trade finance gap ( 45 Minutes )
  • Basel IV (or Basel III extension) remains a concern: but positive news on the capital treatment of credit risk mitigation.
  • The impact of the Regulations in the real world
Work of the ICC Financial Crime & Risk Policy Group ( 30 Minutes )
  • Current scope of working group
  • Achievements to date
  • Strategy going forward
Third party providers: are they subject to the same regulatory rigours as banks? Should they be? ( 30 Minutes )
  • The Regulatory Background
  • Anti money laundering and counter terrorist financing
  • Bribery and Corruption Issues
  • What has the Late Payment Directive to do with trade finance?
  • Trade debt as finance debt – the arguments
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Where are we with Basel III?
  • Credit risk mitigation under CRR
  • Structuring issues in trade and commodity finance for CRM
  • Advantages for NBFIs
  • Wolfsberg "challenges" Law Enforcement and Government Agencies
  • What about Third Party Providers?
Panel discussion: third party providers – risks and mitigation ( 45 Minutes )
  • Banks vs Insurance companies
  • Commodity trade finance
  • Legal opitions and examples
Free trade zones: risks and implications for financial institutions ( 20 Minutes )
  • What is a Free Trade Zone?
  • Vulnerabilities of FTZs
  • OECD Draft Guidance to Counter Illicit Trade: Enhancing Transparency in FTZs
  • AML/CTF Best Practices
  • A Tale of Two Approaches
  • What Does Risk Look Like?
  • Assessing FTZ Integrity: Thinking in Progress
Oil 'ship to ship' transfers and the networks supporting them ( 30 Minutes )
  • Project sandstone
  • Oil Sanctions: Why?
  • North Korean Oil Imports
  • Ship-to-ship Transfers
  • Maritime Patrol
  • Who is responsible?
  • Case Study: Vanguard Shipping
  • Case Study: Golden Luxury Corp
  • Available Resources
Panel discussion: banks and the prevention of organised financial crime ( 45 Minutes )
  • Free trade zone
  • Ship-to-ship Transfers
How technology can help in the fight against financial crime ( 45 Minutes )
  • Proven outcomes: Trade AML in action
  • Key Technology Innovations
  • The value of entity resolution for Trade
  • The value of networks in uncovering hidden risk
  • Industry Code Outlier Analysis
  • Transaction Cycle Detection
  • Social Connection between Parties
  • Example network: Network to network concentration
  • Case Study AML
  • Case Study Fraud
The impact of US and EU sanctions on trade finance activities: analyses of real case studies ( 1:30 Hour )
  • Enforcement cases – observations
  • Root cause analysis
  • Compliance management & organisation
  • Real life cases

The audio recording contains insight, knowledge and know-how from experts with global hands-on experience in trade finance compliance around the world. Truly International – designed to be relevant for staff worldwide.

As the content is delivered online, each member of your staff can be trained to an approved standard regardless of location.

Trainees have access to the material for 1 year as a reference tool.

Professional Development
Gain 6 CPDs for CTFC recertification as well as 6 CPDs for CDCS recertification.

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