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Online training in Supply Chain Finance .

This 12 hour online training course will provide you with a detailed understanding of the market trends in Supply Chain Finance, the identified categories or types of Supply Chain Finance and how each SCF technique / programme can be put in practice, locally and internationally to support sellers and buyers along the supply chain.

The course is based on the internationally recognised terminology, definitions and techniques of the Global Supply Chain Finance Forum.

In general:

  • SCF can help lower costs, improve financial efficiencies and provide stability for the parties involved in trade transactions.
  • Supply Chain Finance includes a broad range of established and evolving practices and techniques for the provision of finance and the management of risk across parties in a supply chain.

This course contains four key modules with an assessment at the end of the course to test your understanding of the training material.

Each SCF technique includes a workflow demonstrating the flows within the SCF programme, an overview of each of the parties, the benefits received, and contracts involved, as well as the security, risk and risk mitigation tools used by the finance provider.

Module 1 - SCF Background

  • Overview
  • Working Capital and Liquidity
  • Types of Supply Chain Finance
  • Buyer Led and Supply Led Programmes

Module 2 - Receivable’s purchase techniques

  • Overview
  • Receivables discounting
  • Forfaiting
  • Factoring
  • Payables financing

Module 3: Advanced Payables Techniques

  • Overview
  • Corporate payment undertaking
  • Dynamic discounting
  • Bank payment undertaking

Module 4: Loan Techniques

  • Overview
  • Loan against receivables
  • Distributor Finance
  • Loan against Inventory
  • Pre-shipment finance

Module 5: Assessment

The assessment enables the trainee to test their understanding of Supply Chain Finance.

In each attempt of the assessment the trainee is presented with 40 multiple choice questions randomly selected from a database of questions.

This "Supply Chain Finance" online training course includes a broad range of established and evolving practices and techniques for the provision of finance and the management of risk across parties in a supply chain.

As the training is delivered online, each member of your staff can be trained to an approved standard regardless of location.

The training courses come complete with a Learning Management System so organisations can easily manage allocation of the training and keep track of trainees' progress and results. Trainees have access to the course material for 1 year as a reference tool.

Value for money
Save time and money by taking the course online. With prices starting at €450 per trainee – and discounts for volume orders – Supply Chain Finance Online training is a very cost effective way to train your staff.


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